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When an organisation has a clear purpose, and every single employee 'gets it' and knows their role in achieving it, magic happens.

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We are The People People.
Helping organisations create fired up individuals and high performing teams.

Imagine an organisation with crystal clear purpose, communicated to every level of employee with complete ‘buy in’ and a culture of excitement and dedication. A place where everybody loves coming to work.

Organisations like this perform better, have less staff turnover and are immensely profitable. Here at Prospa, we are dedicated to coaching and facilitating big change in your people. From the receptionist to the boss, we believe everybody should be fired up, with clear roles and goals to achieve results you never even thought were possible.

Build the capability, confidence and capacity of your people.

People are much more than their current role, and they have so much untapped potential that simply needs direction. We help coach your people through promotion, changes in responsibilities, new roles, bigger teams and much more. Through 1-2-1 coaching, workshops and psychometrics, we’ll help them perform better than you ever thought possible.

Build an effective and high performing team environment.

When a group of people really ‘click’ and they work together towards a common goal, the sum is greater than the parts. The synergy that happens is transformative, and performance exceeds anyone’s expectations. We help coach and facilitate teams who’ve just been put together, teams that need to improve performance, teams that are restructuring and much more.

Transform your organisation’s performance and results.

When an organisation has a clear purpose, and every single person who works there ‘gets it’ and knows what their role is in achieving it, magic happens. We help raise employee engagement levels, develop culture and communication models, implement new strategies and define values. Whether you’re entering new markets, new locations, restructuring, acquiring or merging, we facilitate change at all levels.

“Chris is a superb facilitator, coach and mentor. He has worked with Speedy for a number of years, designing, developing and delivering leadership development to all levels of our management, from junior managers right through to the UK Managing Board. His style is very supportive and facilitative and he inspires confidence in others to embrace the development programme, partake in it actively and hence improve the benefit.”
Group HR Director

Why work with us?

People are much more than their current role.

It’s amazing what people are capable of when given a purpose. When they understand how they can make a difference and have personal goals, they’ll surprise you with their effectiveness. Our 1-2-1 coaching helps get the best out of people.

Untapped potential means lost revenue.

When people are working 20 – 50% below their real potential, it means a real loss in revenue. Time and time again we help companies transform their productivity, without hiring anyone new. Imagine how much you could achieve with everybody firing on all cylinders?

Fired up employees are infectious.

There is a palpable change in culture when everybody is working together towards a common purpose. When your people know the big picture, and the specific role they play in achieving it, they are passionate and excited. And it’s infectious to everybody around them.

Business as usual is a slow and steady killer.

The enemy of ‘great’ isn’t ‘ bad’, the real enemy is ‘OK’.   When organisations are doing well and results are good the risk is there is no perceived need for change; complacency is setting in.  This affects all aspects of the organisation from it’s culture to it’s core offering.  Ensuring the organisation continuously strives to better itself takes focus and effort.  We will design develop and facilitate workshops to drive this attitude and ended the supporting behaviours.

Competition is fiercer and faster than ever.

No matter what sector you’re in, there are companies willing to do things bigger, better, faster and leaner.  Without the proper strategy to combat your competitors, you’re in danger of losing market share. We can help line up your people to become a force to be reckoned with.

Boom to bust can happen in just a few years.

The pace of technological innovation has brought down some of the biggest names on the high street. Companies have gone from market leader to insolvency in a matter of years, as they failed to see change coming. We can help coach leaders to actually lead, taking time to predict and prevent market forces.

If you’re a leader that wants real lasting results – contact us.