The 'Individual' People

Build the capability, confidence and capacity of your people.

We believe that people are much more than just their current role.  There is an enormous amount of  untapped potential in all of us.  As organisations and leaders an essential part of our many responsibilities is to help individuals contribute to the best of their ability.  To learn, grow and succeed.

Our one-to-one coaching will support you in helping individuals to realise their potential and it may also help them succeed when the challenge they are facing seems impossible.  We will help coach people through a multitude of events including promotions, challenging times, organisational changes and personal development.   As a core element of this coaching we endeavour to develop the person’s self reliance and resilience.  Learning to learn, developing a healthy mindset and building healthy and sustainable practices.

What triggers the need?


Stepping up or stepping out into a bright new something…Being promoted is a significant career transition moment and a multitude of things change; expectations, relationships, scope, scale and complexity.  Both the what and how are different and the very things that got you promoted may not be what makes you successful in the new role.  You may be stepping up in an environment you know and understand well, or you might be stepping out into a new environment and a world of unknowns. A new organisation, a change of location, an international move… Whatever the particular circumstances of your promotion, Our Transition Coaching is specifically designed to help you make a success of your next move.

Challenging times…

Sometimes it’s just tough and things just aren’t working out the way they should.  People aren’t contributing and collaborating the way you’d want, the scope and scale of your role has changed, your objectives seem unachievable, you’ve a new boss.  The list goes on… Like it or not, things change, rapidly!  People come and people go, customers come and go, systems, processes, policies and procedures change and the demands and expectations you face shift.  The reality of the modern world is that the swirl of change is inevitable and sometimes relentless.  The pressure is on and you can’t see that damn light at the end of the tunnel!  Personal coaching is an incredibly supportive way of helping you effectively deal with the specific challenges you are facing.

Organisational change…

Typically, the most significant drivers of this are mergers, acquisitions and restructures, though other large scale organisational transformation projects can prove equally challenging.  You may find yourself leading a significant project or transformation programme, contending with complex changes in the workplace or simply dealing with a whole new way of working!  The range and magnitude of organisational change means it’s impact on people is often significant.  How you react and respond to change, especially when it is imposed, will determine the results you achieve and, ultimately, your future.

Our team of coaches have first-hand experience of mergers, acquisitions and restructuring and appreciate the impact these can have at an individual, team and organisational level. Coaching as well as other development interventions (see Organisation) is a fantastic way of providing external and independent support when the organisation and its people are under considerable pressure.

Personal development…

Simply put this is about making sure you contribute to the best of your capability.   In an elite athlete’s world this is about the journey of achieving a ‘personal best’. But having a too narrow focus on results alone isn’t healthy and can ultimately be counter-productive.  Yes what you deliver is important, but so is how you go about it.  A trail of ‘damaged and destroyed relationships (in an out of work!) and a frazzled and burnt out you isn’t a good outcome.  Taking time to work with a coach to help you develop more sustainable and healthy practices both in an out of work can be personally transformational.

“Chris is a superb facilitator, coach and mentor. He has worked with Speedy for a number of years, designing, developing and delivering leadership development to all levels of our management, from junior managers right through to the UK Managing Board. His style is very supportive and facilitative and he inspires confidence in others to embrace the development programme, partake in it actively and hence improve the benefit.”
Duncan. Group HR Director. Speedy Services PLC.

The benefit of developing individuals…

Improved self-awareness

Whilst most authors use this term to exclusively mean emotional self-awareness (Ref. Emotional Intelligence) we see it in a far more holistic way.  Conscious awareness of your capabilities, beliefs, values, filters, attitudes, habits, thinking, and preferences are all in the mix.  This is about knowing who you are and the objective is to enable the individual to help themselves make better decisions in all aspects of their life.   We always have choices, the real challenge is to make the right one at the right time… consciously!

Greater self belief and confidence

This is critical to success and can also feel like an unassailable block for some; it can enable one person’s career and disable another’s.  Those that have developed healthy positive self-belief and confidence are far more successful than those that lack self-belief and struggle with low confidence.  Self belief and confidence affect how we relate with and contribute to the organisations we are in ( and indeed to others outside of work.). Our coaching is designed to develop self-belief and build confidence and the result can be transformational and life-changing.

Leveraged strengths and realised potential

The pathway to realising potential includes recognising and connecting with true self (see self-awareness) and utilising what you’re good at; your strengths.  This a core element of the Japanese ‘ikigai’… ‘something to get up for in the morning.’    Knowing what you are good at (often a core part of our role) and adopting a practice of continuous development is fundamental to success and a healthy and rewarding life.  Recognising, appreciating and celebrating your individual uniqueness builds strength, creates momentum and fast tracks future potential.

Enhanced contribution

Better results is one thing; enhanced contribution is something greater.  It’s not just about what you achieve it’s also the how.  Be there to be there!  Ensure that the work you put in is noticed, recognised and respected by others. Understanding the way in which you work and how others work with you enables you to influence others and guarantees your level of involvement.

Build agility and flexibility

The speed of change and the fluidity of many organisations means there is an increasing need for individuals to be able to change and respond quickly and easily to their evolving environment.

Helping people thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world and workplace is becoming more important and essential.  The pressure of delivering the necessary results is exacerbated by the environment, circumstances and situation individuals are contending with.

Adopt a more productive mindset and approach

Talk to any elite performer (athlete, sports-woman, musician, surgeon etc.) and they will all confirm this.  A mindset of “I can’t do…”  “I’m not going to succeed…” “I’m not good enough to…” is simply a pathway for failure.  The ability to adopt a positive mental attitude, a winning attitude is key.  Positive self-talk and adopting a positive attitude is far more likely to result in success.


Feedback and action planning session, utilising 360 feedback, psychometrics and profiles.

Raise self awareness, identify development needs and create a robust development plan.

Program of 1-2-1 sessions over 6-12 months, can also include 3Way meetings with sponsor/line manager.


Engaging, interactive and experiential, working on real and relevant opportunities.

Range of topics including (but not exclusive): customer experience, coaching and mentoring, leadership, networking, people development, feedback, thriving on pressure, influence and persuasion, communication, personal effectiveness.


Our team are licensed to use a range of Psychometric profiles including: Hogan, MBTI Step I and II, FIRO-B, Social Style, EQi, NEO and TMSDI.

We select the most appropriate profile to suit the particular situation and objectives.  Please get in touch and discuss your requirements.

We also have our own bespoke Team Performance Profile for use with teams.  For more information on teams please see Team.

We often use 360 feedback to support development as they provide great insight and validation.. We can use your in-house 360 or we can use one of the available off-the-shelf tools.    Prospa also has experience of designing and developing in-house 360’s.  For more information see Organisation.

If you’re a leader that wants real lasting results – contact us.