An agile and experienced team of people development people.
Prospa is committed to developing and enabling people.


We do that through our team of consultants and facilitators who come from diverse backgrounds.  They bring a wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences enabling us to provide you with a solutions tailored specifically for your needs.
We use an associate model and have spent many years working with the people around us.  The crucial thing is that they all bring their particular expertise, experience and style.  Who works with you depends on your needs and who we feel will be able to add the most value.

Chris has the best facilitation skills I have come across, that enable him to bring about genuine learning and change and therefore results. In terms of dealing with him as a businessperson he has the utmost integrity and is only interested in long term partnership arrangements so value is never in question.

HR Director

I find it very hard to think of anything more I could have asked of you. I instinctively knew that you would add great value to the project.

Plant Director